Let’s Talk!: Ayesha Fu****g Curry

Nah… We’re talking about this. Ayesha Curry WTF are you thinking? If y’all haven’t heard, Ayesha Curry, Steph Curry’s wife, said some soul cringing things on The Red Table Talk. She mentioned that she notices how Steph gets attention from females, but she doesn’t get male attention and that makes her feel like something is wrong with her. Ayesha F****** Curry you are the wife of an NBA player. A TOP NBA player just to add. OF COURSE he’s going to get female attention, and being a Steph Curry fan, and seeing how GREAT y’alls family is. WHY would ANY man want to ruin that??? We respect Steph enough to stay away from your DMs. How dare you mention that you lack male attention? Why does that even come to mind? You know what that says about you? You look for male attention, is what we assume and is a strong assumption. You also mentioned that you have a problem with him not having a temper. Now, he has a reason to have one with you.

Steph… King… You gotta let her go fam. You give her everything and being a faithful, well tempered, black man is be best gift a wife can ever have. Nah fam… That ain’t right.

What y’all think? Let me know.


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