Uber Disaster?

Recently, a school in DeKalb County, Georgia hit the news. Not for any educational issues or problems with a teacher, but for Uber Eats. The school currently holds over approximately 1,200 students and according to the principal, over 1000 kids are ordering food from Uber Eats everyday, throughout the day. When the aggravated principal had enough of the crowded schoolfront, he went on an confiscating frenzy.  He then posted a picture on Facebook with the confiscated meals and drinks which went viral. Here’s what he had to say, “No!!! You cannot have Uber Eats deliver food to school!!!!!” The post also says, “This is what was collected after ONE hour!!!!! We got 1200 kids. Is it worth the fight? Is this the NEW NORMAL??? We are working hard to HOLD the line!!!!!” Here is the picture that was posted with it:

This is a difficult topic to break down and give my opinion on because there are so many doorways to go through. The first thing I notice is the amount of food and drinks that were confiscated. It’s not just the food that I see, but it’s student’s lunches that are paid for and confiscated. I think the principal could’ve treated that situation differently, maybe by making a school-wide announcement, announcing that ordering food isn’t allowed anymore. Yes, schools serve food, but schools have a long history of the students not liking the school lunches and this looks like that may be the issue. From the principal’s point of view that I understand is, there are 1000 students ordering food throughout the day. Meaning there 1000 vehicles/people stopping at the school which is a safety hazard.

What do you all think about this? Let me know in the comments!

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