Should This be Allowed???

Since MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) accepted transgender women on their platform to fight in 2014, a transgender woman called, Fallon Fox, entered MMA. She’s also the first transgender woman to enter MMA. In 2014, Fox became a news headline for breaking a woman’s skull in one of her fights. The headline has been popping in and out of media since then, and causes an uproar every time.

In 2018, a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter named, Paulo Costa, went to the media and said he’d fight Fox for free. Costa, along with other people, disagree with transgender women fighting women, saying, “He was born a man, and he is a man, even though he calls himself a transsexual”.  

Nowhere in this post or in general will I say, “I disagree with transgender women and men participating in sports”. Because I’m on the side of equality in every place of employment, engagement, and enjoyment. But this should’ve never happened. As far as physical sports like football and wrestling, I have no problem with transgender men and women being apart of those sports. But physical fist fighting (MMA/UFC) is a no for me. Men are made with more muscle than women, and that’s factual. Women are made with more fat than muscle because their bodies are built to carry babies. So when I heard about Fox breaking a woman’s skull in a fight, I was furious. That’s no longer just a sport, that’s just plain abuse.

Have y’all heard about this? Should this be allowed? Thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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