C’mon Man…

D’Angelo Russell of the Brooklyn Nets was caught with under 50 grams of cannabis in a New York airport Thursday, May 2nd. The part that I chuckled at was what he tried to hide it in. A fake Arizona Tea can. Now, you’re probably wondering what happened to him after the situation and how the NBA reacted. ESPN.com doesn’t state anything about Russell being arrested, but he was definitely slapped on the wrist by the NBA. For the NBA, if a player gets violates their cannabis rules, the first violation results in a “marijuana program”, the second violation results in a $25,000 fine, and the third violation results in a five game suspension. I like this rule system because it’s not as bad as any other sport, in this case, the NFL. Whenever you hear an NFL player getting caught with cannabis or a “drug” test catches it in their system, they automatically get a suspension. Probably due to the sport being a contact sport and anything in the system of a player, other than pain killers, could result in another player getting hurt.

If you smoke cannabis or you’ve smoked it before and had a lot of it to yourself, you try creative ways to hide it incase authorities are within your vicinity. I’ve seen one of those cans online before, but I’ve never heard of people thinking they could get away with it while going through TSA. The fact that he got caught with it, tells me that he either had it in his hand or in his carry on bag which can’t go with him through the metal detector. Meaning TSA could see what was inside the fake can with the x-ray thingy.

The Nets lost their playoff series and has now started their offseason which is a breath of fresh air for every Russell fan and the team as a whole. Why does this plant get so much hate, and why is it criminalized? Any thoughts? Comments? Let me know below! What do you think about this?
LINK: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26657280/nets-russell-cited-marijuana-possession

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