Let’s Talk!: “Stop Wasting Time”

My Let’s Talk was going to be something totally different for today, but this has a grip on my soul. As I was writing my post on the Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame battle scenes, I ended it talking about the people who say, “stop wasting time” referring to watching or doing enjoyable things like watching Avengers or Game of Thrones. I HATE when people tell others to stop wasting time not working. I wasted time throughout my department store job I was working, and you would too. For those people who make memes/posts about wasting time could be detrimental toward your future, I’d like to find them and slap them in the face when they’re chilling on a poolside on their vacation. Because that is exactly what they’re doing. Hypocrites. Then they go on a whole spiel about mental health. Get your contradictory self out of my face.

If you’re not ENJOYING every second of your life, you are wasting your time. Now that I think about it, this is a new pet peeve of mine. How can people be so hypocritical and contradictory? I don’t understand. It’s okay to waste time because you’re enjoying yourself in the process. For me, I hate not doing something. Everyday I constantly think about how I can improve myself, the next money move etc. because I don’t like my mind on idle. Sometimes I think about those things if I’m watching a movie, that’s just the way my brain is. I “wasted time” halfway through writing this post, scrolling through Instagram because I like to enjoy myself.

Let’s talk about this in the comments!

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