Let’s Talk!: 1000 Word Image

Last week, I came across a woman’s Instagram page and was utterly surprised. This woman had physical features that no man has ever seen. When I first saw the picture below, I thought it was a drawn image and a beautifully drawn image. Then I looked again. She’s a real person and her name is Raychiel, or her Instagram name is at least. I found that people had their speculations when she first appeared in the media because she claimed that her body was 100% natural and she has a 134 IQ. Then to now, it seems she has lost weight which enhanced her curves. The question a lot of people have is, are those curves photoshopped or surgically enhanced? You can have your own opinion, but my question is, would you date Raychiel or be with another Instagram model (male or female) like her?

The picture you see says 1000 words to me. Photoshop or not, this woman is an artist. An artist that could have mental issues concerning her image and her need for people to acknowledge her. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in her head with 134 IQ. Are we participating in a game of hers, or is she being genuine?

I recently watched one of her Instagram stories found that she’s a Cancer like I am. Which brought everything to light for me. She mentioned that she “loves hard”, which is true for a Cancer. She unknowingly told me in her Instagram story that she has a need for love, and a lot of it. So she does what she’s doing now to attract it, or attention, which is the cousin of love.

Would I date her, no. But I would love to talk to her and bring her to earth. I don’t think she’s completely sane (no disrespect). But who am I to assume such a thing? All I’m saying is, someone to maintain an image like hers, has her wall completely high and reinforced with 2000 pounds of mortar. Trying to get with a man would have her question, “is he here for me, or my body?” Or questions such as, “am I perfect enough for him yet?” Or “Did I do something wrong?” Which makes me question her sanity. Her body tells me everything I need to know about her, real or not. If everything you’re saying, Raychiel, is indeed true, what are your values? Can a 134 IQ love me? Will I constantly have to wonder and figure out how the gears in your mind are greased?

Would you date an Instagram model (male or female)? Let me know in the comments!


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