Just The Beginning

Kyler Murray, the former Oklahoma Sooner quarterback is now in the NFL. Murray was drafted 1st overall in the NFL draft and made history at the same time. He is the first in NFL history to be drafted high in the first round of the MLB and NFL drafts, being picked 9th overall in the MLB draft. His accomplishments speak for themselves, even more than his stats, which are basically fun facts compared to his accomplishments. Hearing bits and pieces of his performance in his college games, I heard he was pretty decent, but his highlights told me otherwise. He’s pretty freaking amazing, but here’s my thoughts I had before the draft.

Why do people get drafted so high? Let’s take out the fact that Murray is a quarterback who’s 5’9”- 5’10”, with nice speed. He’s been the talk of the town, and he hasn’t shown his skills at the NFL Combine before the draft. Which I think is a smart move for the position that he’s in, being the underdog in a sense, because of his size in a league of giants. I think he got drafted because of the hype that’s around him. I don’t doubt that he can be an elite NFL quarterback, and this season for the Arizona Cardinals should be a good one because the Cardinals have a new head coach. Which means a new offensive scheme. I’m all for it and happy that he went 1st overall, but the NFL is a league of pocket passers with decent speed, not strictly mobile quarterbacks. For example, the Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz is a wonderful quarterback, he throws the ball well, and people love what he can do with his legs which makes him exciting. But, some of the games that he’s lost/plays that he’s gotten sacked on, was because of his legs. Mobile quarterbacks don’t have a strict pocket passer mindset which took the Eagles to the Superbowl and won with Nick Foles.

Most people think that Murray’s MLB deal would’ve been better for him, seeing how there’s more of a chance of getting hurt in the NFL, and more of a risk for mobile quarterbacks. Would you take millions of dollars more to play over 100 games in the MLB, and a low injury risk? Or play 16 regular season games in the NFL, with a high injury risk, and get paid within the range of $40-$60 million? (rough estimate). Murray’s contract details haven’t been released yet and probably won’t be released for a few months, but he’s already guaranteed $15 million for being a top 5 pick, according to NFL Network.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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