I Think It’s Your Turn, Wiz.

This past February, Drake re-released his popular mixtape So Far Gone for its 10 year anniversary. The mixtape featured popular songs like, “Best I Ever Had” and “Successful” ft. Trey Songz. This wasn’t just a regular re-release on a free mixtape website, it was released for streaming on all platforms which artists get paid for per stream/play. It’s a great move noticing the amount of success Drake has had since the release of the mixtape in 2009. The re-release made other artists turn their heads and think about re-releasing their projects. Or at least make their old projects show up on the new music list again somehow. Recently, Beyoncé made her album, Lemonade, available on Apple Music and Spotify. The album was previously only available to stream on Tidal, a streaming platform co-owned by her, and her husband, Jay-Z. With all of these re-releases and projects being made available on streaming platforms, it made me think about other classic projects that could do well if it were to be re-released. The first mixtape that came to mind was, Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & OJ mixtape, first released in 2010. The mixtape is a classic along with his first album, Rolling Papers. The future re-release question came up on the popular podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast, asking about other mixtapes that would do well if re-released, and Kush & OJ was the first one to be said.

I think it’s Wiz’s turn. Kush & OJ is a classic mixtape and he said it in one of his songs. Let me also mention that I do like Wiz’s patience and not being next in line for a re-release so quickly. I see it coming, but watching Wiz throughout the years and seeing what he’s doing aside from music, I think it’s a good choice for him to wait a while longer.

Have you heard Kush & OJ? Do you think Wiz should re-release it? Other thoughts and Opinions? Let me know in the comments!


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