Let’s Talk!: Why?…

I might write a poem about this topic and post it in the Creative Zone tab which you all can submit things as well. Such as poems, short stories, drawings, anything that triggers your creative muscle in your brain 🙂 Send your creativity to my gmail at chillmediaspot@gmail.com

50 Cent (rapper, if you don’t know) posted a picture on Instagram with his youngest son on Easter, wishing everyone a happy Easter with his own message. I saw the picture when he first posted it and thought nothing of it, just a father and son taking a picture on Easter. What happened a few hours later? You guessed it. It got some heat. A woman commented under the picture and said, “Imagine how your first born feels seeing this smfh (shaking my fu***** head) your a piece of s*** for real… Can’t even be a dad for the one that actually looks like you… Straight joke. 50 Cent responded harshly, saying, “Fu** you bi*** you don’t know sh** about what you talking about. Everything was positive then you come with bullsh** go suck a di**.” 50 Cent got all the praise for his comment and the woman got all the hate from everyone but one person. Me… Now, I had no clue that 50 Cent had a son before the one he glorifies on his Instagram, so I looked him up. It turns out that he actually does have a son that’s 21 years old and looks exactly like him. Then it hit me. I felt every bit of that woman’s comment. Although I am not my dad’s first born and I may or may not get a call every six months to a year, I never understood why he doesn’t mess with me anymore. He has done some dirt in the past which made me look at him a different way, which leads into my next question, why? I’ve grown to not loathe anyone or judge them for what I’ve seen them do in my life. But, why do some men disown their creation? We don’t know what happens behind the scenes, but if 50 Cent was proud of his first son and was in his life, he wouldn’t have reacted the way he did because the woman was right. I know there are two sides to every story and his first son’s mother could’ve done some dirt as well, but his son isn’t her.

Why do some fathers do this? Not having a father in a kids life at an early age is crucial for the child, especially a boy. The boy doesn’t have a man to look up to, to teach him how to be a man like he is, and how to handle things like a man. Even Psychology says kids want to be like their dad when they’re growing up. They do everything their dad does and wants to go everywhere they go. People don’t understand that relationship between a man and his son. If that relationship isn’t there, the son will look for another father figure, negative or positive. They may even turn to “the streets”.

What do you think? Let me know!


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