So addicted

I feel merry when I wanna

Roll it, Light it, Choke

Repeat until I see tomorrow

Mary, will you be the one I wanna?

Smoke with in the night until the morrow?

Marry and see my seed shine from my shadow?

Look at me like I’m the last gram of the purest

It’s just you and me

No one has to like us on the gram

Double tap the blunt and watch the ashes fall

Doesn’t matter where they land

It’s all love

Cookies and cream, you and me

Like the tip of the blunt, You smokin hot

You My smokin gun

My only clue for when I’m feeling blue

I still love you

Like Bonnie and Clyde, You and I

Let’s rob a bank


and feel the breeze from the ocean tide

Nowhere to go but Tijuana

Just hope they have the finest marijuana ©


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