Let’s Talk!: Single Ladies, Don’t Ruin Things…

Single ladies… Please… For crying out loud, please don’t ruin my future relationship or any of your friend’s relationships because of your hidden, insecure reasons. Let me tell you a story about my ex (let’s call her Jess), and how her friend (let’s call her Jackie) almost ruined our relationship.

If you guys haven’t seen my instagram there’s a ton of pictures and videos of weed because obviouslyyyy I’m a sober pothead. I might write write a post about why I’ve been sober for two years, but anyway let’s get on with the story. One day, Jess and I hotboxed one of her pothead friend’s car (let’s call her Lexi). Gosh, we were having such a good time just talking, having high conversations, and walking around. It got really late, so we decided to go back to Jess’ dorm hall where most of her friends lived also. We chilled at Lexi’s room for a bit, then we went to another one of her friend’s room where we all chilled multiple times because her room was the spot everyone met before going out or just to talk. Guess who walks in being nosey… You guessed it, Jackie. Now, don’t get me wrong, Jackie was cool when she wanted to be. She was just one of those friends you had to be cautious talking around (which I have another story about). She came in, we all talked about random stuff, then… The weed anxiety kicked in out of nowhere. If you smoke weed and have anxiety or start to feel anxious when getting high at times, you know how that feels. I started to get quiet and hoping my brain would stop racing. After a while of not paying attention to their conversation, they were talking about Jackie’s ex and how he left her for a white girl. I was confused and didn’t know what the problem was with that, so I looked up at Jackie with a look she didn’t like I guess. Then she said something to Jess along the lines of, “girl, you better watch him”. Now, Jess was half white, half black, so I was confused about what she told me next. “You better not leave me for a white girl” she said. I looked at her with a out of this world, high, confused look like, “are you serious? You gonna let her get in your head like that? Okay…” type of look. Then to make things worse… Her roommate walked down the hall (who was white) and my reflex was to look to see who was walking. Something that almost everyone would do right? Her response to me looking at her was, “You like her don’t you?” I looked at her with a crazy look and said, “What? No. C’mon now… What?” Don’t forget I was reallllllyyyy high and my anxiety spiked just before that, so I kinda over exaggerated it and chuckled it off so I could chill out a bit and scrolled through instagram or whatever I was doing on my phone before that. Then Jackie said, “See?… You might need to uhh…” Now, THAT, made me look at Jackie like, “c’mon… really?” You’re really gonna try to mess our GREAT relationship we got going on because YOU’RE not happy with what you got going on? Then, I looked at Jess and she had this disappointed look like Jackie was right and she got an answer from God or something. Everything after that was a blur because this happened almost three years ago.

Single ladies that may be reading this post, I love you, slide in my DM. But damn y’all, chill out with being that devil on the shoulder with the friend that in a relationship. You cause more problems if there were even problems before you were, “just being a friend”. You’re really, “just” being a homewrecker. Let your friend experience her relationship and if it goes south, she learned. I never cheated a day in my life (when it comes to relationships) and I was that guy that a lot of Jess’ friends would talk about like, “he’s the one, if y’all break up, it’s because of you”. She told me about it! Now… If you have PROOF that the man was cheating or doing some foul stuff, then that would be the time to step in and say something. Do detective work undercover because that’s what detectives do. Just don’t be that friend that won’t let her friend have anything special.

Let me know what you guys think! I’d love to chat with you all. Anything you would like me to write about? Let me know! Love you guys! Have a good day!


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